An ethics holiday

Il Carmine’s building, ex convent of Carmelite’friars, has been used as a school for some years and then, with a restoration made by friars on 2000, has been entrusted to the Association “Domus Carmelitana di Erice” to give it back his religious mark.

The aim of the association is to raise funds to finance Catholic activities of social and health assistance, of charity, of education, and also to protect Trapani inhabitants’ rights and that of all the inhabitants of the countries in which there are Carmelite’s missions: Africa, East of Europe and South America.

The Association has been found to protect, to promote and to enhance the value of a Carmelite’s building.

In order to all these reasons, the property is also associated with other case per ferie set in all Italy and promoted by C.I.T.S., the Italian Center for Social Tourism; this association wants to promote the tourism as an important need of the man and also as a way to rediscover moral and spiritual values by sharing and being together.

To stay in Il Carmine means:

History outlines

The Convent and the church were built in 1423 and given to the Carmilte’s friars. The church has been renowed but it still has different Gothic features like the vault of the first chapel on the left.

The church and the Convent, set near the north-west Erice borders, mark the area of Porta Carmine. The XV century church still has beautiful vaults in the main nave. Adjacent to the church there is Casa Militari, a contemporary building.

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World Carmelite’s Domus

Il Carmine is part of the World Carmelite’s Domus . The following map shows the different sites of the Carmelite’s Domus in the world. To get more information about the Carmelite’s Order you can check: page on wikipedia or the official web-site

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Where we are

Il Carmine is set into the historical center of Erice, near the walls that mark the northwest borders of Erice, easily accessible from Trapani by car or by funicular. It is an enchanting place, far from the noises of Erice's main roads full of tourists, and full of services. The main square, the Cathedral and the Castle are accessible just walking for ten minutes.

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